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Projects To Prepare As Gifts By Beginners Sewing Machine

If you love to use a reliable and durable sewing machine then the best Janome computerized sewing machine is the right model for you but few beginners get confused once they have a sewing machine in front of them. Let us help you in preparing some of the basic gifts you can prepare through the sewing machine and it’s perfect to enhance your sewing skills.

See-Through Purse Pouches:

This project will hardly take your 20 minutes even if you are just a beginner. In this pouch, you can keep sewing supplies, small toys and lots of other stuff inside. Take Small Square of see-through material and one square of fabric. You can choose double print fabric as well and piping over it. Add zipper at the front of the pouch and you can be done with the project. You can create pouches in different color combinations.

Simple Baby Blanket:

A baby blanket can be prepared with a simple sewing machine and for this, you simply need a small yard of fabric. You can add a ribbon at the edges as well as this can help you in learning lots of skills. Keep the printed or theme fabric at the front while soft plush side at the back. Use a needle according to the fabric as this can enhance the quality of your project.

Printed Cushion:

The printed cushion is quite a common project and with the help of the best Janome sewing machine, you can sew it within 30 minutes. While sewing cushion, you can buy different characters from the market and paste them on the fabric. You just have to sew a cushion in square shape and press it properly so the edges will be turned towards outside. The thread must be strong enough to use.

Fabric Storage Bins:

The fabric storage bin is another project which is not so difficult to prepare but you will love once it’s done. In the beginning, I recommend preparing this project in a small size like a basket. No zippers and hooks involve. Sew a shape like a basket and prepare it in different fabric patterns. Keep your bathroom accessories or different stuff inside this basket.

Eye Mask:

Another amazing project to sew at home is an eye mask. Choose a printed and soft fabric for an eye mask and you simply have to add bands at the sides. Cut the eye mask in the glasses shape and simply add a thin layer of fabric at the edges. Your eye mask is ready and you can also add cooling lotion inside to make it fancy.

Drawstring Laundry Bag:

To prepare a drawstring laundry bag you simply have to cut the garment in stack shape and then make two holes in the garment after sewing the edge in a double layer. Add drawstring from one edge to another once you are ready to prepare a ruffle of it. Your laundry drawstring is ready and it won’t take too much of your time.


If you are planning to move ahead with basic projects and you are looking for advancement to add finishing in your projects then read the Complete Guide to Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine Reviews For Beginners and you will be able to move forward as a professional sewer.