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Food industry & Startups Program




March 29 - 10:00 a.m.

Sabadell Hub Empresa (Forum room)

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Work with the food industry to take your project to the next level.


KM ZERO Venturing is the open innovation and strategic investment program promoted by CAPSA VIDA, Platos Tradicionales, Embutidos Martínez, Angulas Aguinaga, Vicky Foods and Grupo Arancia and coordinated by KM ZERO, which seeks to support startups that are developing solutions to food sector challenges such as digitalization, new proteins, health and wellness and sustainability, in order to promote their consolidation and contribute to a better future for the food industry.

Transforming the food sector through open innovation

Since 2018, KM ZERO has mentored, accompanied and promoted more than 150 foodtech and agtech projects, offering active support and helping them consolidate their business.

KM ZERO fosters collaboration between the different players in the sector through initiatives like ftalks Food Summit, the Innovation Opportunities Club, Fooduristic and now with KM ZERO Venturing with the support of industrial partners.

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The program will select a maximum of 10 startups whose solutions can be applied by a food industry. For 3 months, the startups will benefit from mentoring, support, networking and strategic investment with the support of KM ZERO Squad, collaborators by areas and direct work with industrial partners, with whom they will share resources and knowledge based on specific challenges and common objectives.


 1 JUNE 



Call opens for startups

Call closes

Working Session to define objectives (corporates, mentors and startups)

Implementation of the program


Innovation Day

 MARZO 2023 

End of program 

Demo Day



The startups will work with the corporates testing their products or services, reviewing their models and sharing business knowledge.


Mentoring and consultancy with global industry leaders (KM ZERO Squad) and expert collaborators by areas.


Continuous follow-up by KM ZERO to review milestones and needs.

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Internationalization / Industrialization / Brand development / / Business model review / Legal and financial advice / Technological development / Impact analysis


We are looking for startups that are working on offering solutions to the challenges faced by the industry, which we have divided into:


New proteins

Meat analogues with wet extruded proteins.


Meat analogues with proteins developed through cell culture.


Proteins developed through fermentation.


Analogues to dairy products based on vegetable proteins.


Analogues to seafood products based on vegetable proteins.


Solutions to improve efficiency in food industry factories. Industry 4.0 automation, robotization, artificial intelligence...


Business models that exploit new food sales channels. Delivery and other models.


Market intelligence solutions that improve product development and the detection of new opportunities in the food industry.


New tools to attract consumers to a food brand in the new era of cookie-free marketing. Improved food industry-consumer communication.


Technologies that improve access to a good nutritional profile for people in situations of social exclusion.


Technologies that guarantee food safety and traceability


Solutions that preserve biodiversity and soil health on livestock and crop farms.


Natural solutions for preserving ingredients and fresh produce. Extension of shelf life.


Solutions that favor the reduction and offsetting of carbon emissions from the food industry.


Emission control solutions


Smart, sustainable and functional packaging solutions that fit the new European regulations.


Solutions that help the recovery of waste and by-products generated by the different food industries.


Solutions for reducing food waste


Solutions that increase the sustainability of manufacturer-retailer transportation of food products. Circularity in logistics.

Health & wellness

Natural ingredients that increase the portfolio of options to improve the nutritional profile of foods.


Functional products and supplements focused on improving consumer health and wellness.


New generation products adapted to 21st century consumer trends.


Innovations in product pasteurization to ensure food safety.


Solutions that bring the consumer closer to a healthier diet framed within the new consumption models of the 21st century.


Solutions that meet the nutritional needs of specific groups. (Seniors, children...).


Medical foods that provide solutions to cardiovascular problems, ageing, cosmeceuticals and similar.


The leaders of the most disruptive solutions who form part of KM ZERO Squad will provide personalized mentoring to the startup:  

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Didier Toubia

CEO de Aleph Farms

New proteins


Lynette Kucsma 2.jpg

Lynette Kucsma

CMO and Co-Founder of Natural Machines


howard yana shapiro.jpg

Howard-Yana Shapiro

Distinguished Senior Fellow, UC DAVIS & CIFOR- ICRAF. Former Director of Agriculture at MARS

Health & wellness

Sam Kass.jpg

Sam Kass

Partner of Acre Ventures. Food policy advisor to the Obama administration

In addition, expert collaborators will accompany the projects in specific areas:

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