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We share valuable knowledge for the food sector

We organize dissemination events and training pills related to innovation in the food sector.


Food Summit

The global initiative to rethink the future of food

Ftalks is the annual event to discuss trends, disruption and challenges of the food system with industry leaders through inspiring talks, panel of experts, presentations of startups foodtech and networking.

This initiative created from KM ZERO with the support of industry partners and other entities, in its first edition has brought together more than 500 people, has had more than 15 international speakers, more than 20 foodtech startups, obtaining more than 70 mentions in the media and becoming a trending topic in Spain with the hashtag # ftalks19.

The food of the future
in a single publication!

Discover in our annual report how the food of the future will be. With national and international success stories, we demonstrate that innovation is the great ally to address the most pressing challenges of the agri-food sector in areas such as health, sustainability and education.


Ftalks editions

Periodic meetings to inspire and connect the actors that are leading the food revolution: startups, entrepreneurs, research centers, opinion leaders and the industry, as the engine of the change we need towards a more sustainable and healthy diet that can face existing challenges and future demand.


Gastro Genius Lab

Gastro Genius Lab

Educational program to promote entrepreneurship in children through innovation, technology and food, aimed at children aged 6 to 12 years.


Participants prototype and create the future of food, establishing a new relationship with food.

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