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We know that food can change the world.


We nourish Foodtech startups, who operate at any point of the food value chain. Through a tailor-made approach we bring them to the next level.  

We provide Futures Intelligence in the Food industry to help companies stay ahead through innovation strategy projects, co-creation, and access to the Foodtech entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We generate knowledge for the food sector and organize international events. We also offer educational experiences to raise awareness among future generations. 



What moves us

Our sector is the one with the greatest impact on the wellbeing of people and the planet.


This is why we know we have a great responsibility.

We need new answers to address new challenges. The main one being feeding a growing population with healthy diets from sustainable food systems. This entails transforming the way we produce, distribute, consume and revalue food.

The good news is that the industry is already taking action. There is a lot to do. This presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs. 

Instead of thinking about what has to change, our ambition is to clear up what to do with the basis of the actions that have been made, that are developing, and that are having social and economic impacts

We believe we can only face the challenges collaborating and investing in innovation.


KM ZERO identifies, connects and encourages the collaboration between people and initiatives that are driving the change

Our team is formed by experts in the food sector, anthropologists, designers, trends and communication leaders.


Upcoming events

Attend the next most relevant activities in the sector




What are the challenges and opportunities for the sector in the post COVID era? What role will technology and innovation play? We will find out the solutions speaking to the renown chefs and food advisors: Rodrigo de la Calle and Germán Carrizo. Food experts Beatriz Romanos and José Peláez, from Tech Food Magazine and the Basque Culinary Center, will also be joining our conversation.





How to reach our audience in these complex times? We will be talking to experts in advertising, copywriting, food design and marketing, about the importance of understanding consumer needs, bringing value and establishing an authentic communication. We will analyze case studies and share some recommendations to improve our messaging and formats to consequently, achieve our objectives.



Ftalks Food Summit -



Ftalks is the flagship Food Summit in Spain that brings together global experts and disruptors transforming the ecosystem, to discuss trends and challenges through inspiring talks and networking events.

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